Wood is an essential part of any home. It would even be hard to imagine a home without a certain amount of wood in it. Some homes are even totally made out of wood. Others will have wooden furniture, cabinets, closets, doors, stairs, ramps, decks, and fences. Wood is a common material in any home and PDG has vast experience working with different types of this material. 

Craftsmanship is essential to producing great wooden products. In many cases, wooden products have been crafted by hand and this takes a lot of skill.

PDG has decades of experience in working with different wooden product suppliers, manufacturers, and installers. Our experience has enabled us to work with the best and we often use them in many of our projects. We have a sense of fulfillment when our clients are fully satisfied or even amazed at the quality of the work we do, as such, we make sure that our contractors are highly skilled in their fields.

To ensure customer satisfaction, we incorporated all sorts of wooden designs and products into our 3D visualization software. When our clients do their virtual tour, they can inspect the design and wooden material to make sure that these satisfy their tastes.

We also present our clients with the different designs available and we can also include customized designs. Customized designs are common when it comes to decks. 

A home is simply not complete without an area where the family can gather to watch the stars at night or enjoy the early mornings or late afternoons. In most cases, a wooden deck is an ideal option. Many homes today were either initially designed to have a wooden deck or a one was placed as an extension to the original design. 

PDG has vast experience in providing wooden decks that have actually been customized according to a client’s request. In some cases, wooden decks have been customized with a Jacuzzi. 

In all of our projects, we first ensured that the client was satisfied with the virtual tour before we started construction. The client does not only need to be satisfied with the design, but with the actual material that is to be used. 

Wooden decks can be made out of real wood or composite wood. Composite wood is common as it requires little maintenance unlike real wood. In any case, the client needs to inspect the material and how it will look like in the design. Only after the client is satisfied will we start construction.

When it comes to woodworking, there isn’t that much room for error. Wood can be easily damaged if care is not taken in the installation process and this can cause delays due to repairs or replacement of a whole piece or even a whole section.