Windows and Doors

To many people, a home’s windows and doors are simply portions of the house that need to be there. They are only as important as their function. However, we believe that windows and doors have a much deeper meaning to a home. For instance, their designs actually define the total design of the structure. In fact, every region and every era has its own door and window designs that define them.

This is why we take importance in the design and placement of the doors and windows in a house. The placement of these objects is important for movement in and out and within the different rooms of a house. It is imperative that windows be placed where they can provide as much natural light as possible and that they can help in the circulation of the air inside a home.

When it comes to the designs, they must work well with the overall design of the home and also reflect the personalities of the individuals living within.

Our concepts of windows in doors do not in any way over rule any specific requests of our clients. We may be able to suggest designs and placements of these objects, but we will also prioritize the requests of our clients.

We are able to create doors according to the materials and designs requested by our clients. The doors can be made of wood, metal, plastic or even glass. The wood can be plain or carved, metals can have etchings, plastic doors can have different designs and even glass doors can have various colors or etched designs. Whatever design our client requires, we can create and install in the home.

PDG’s 3D designing software helps our clients decide on the best type of windows and doors that will fit their homes. All of our window and door designs can be considered as being smaller scales of the actual ones available in the market. Should we need to create a specific design in accordance with the requests of our clients, we ensure that the design can be built in real life.

With the 3D model that we present, a client can see how a particular design will look when the project is completed. If the client wants the design to be changed, we can do this on the virtual model. This is a whole lot cheaper than having to implement a change in design once construction has started or even completed.

The objective of the 3D virtual model is for clients to be totally satisfied with the outcome of the project before it has even started. This way, there is little chance that clients will change their minds during the construction process. However, in the event that this happens, we will be more than willing to implement any changes though there will be additional costs to consider and an increase in the amount of time that the project is expected to be completed. We do understand that sometimes delays are inevitable, especially when these delays are due to a change of heart by the client.