The quality of workmanship used in building a home can be seen in the quality of the wall finishes. The quality of wall finish is most noticeable in homes that have concrete walls. Homes that are made of wood will not have so much of a problem since the walls will normally be built out of plywood or other materials that already have a smooth finish or a certain design.

In concrete walls, different techniques are used to come out with a finish that is smooth. Low cost projects or those that were bid at the lowest possible price normally tend to have wall finishes that were not done correctly or done poorly in order to save time and money. 

At PDG, we do not engage in such practices. All of the contractors that we work with are professionals and have a sense of pride in the work that they do. In many cases, their years of experience has taught them how to create high quality wall finishes at extra ordinary speeds in order to save a good amount of money in labor costs. 

Our building contractors employ workers that are specialists when it comes to wall designs created by paint or Venetian plastering. They are also well experienced in different molding techniques to achieve specific designs that require certain molds.

PDG is well equipped with personnel who are capable of providing the desired effect when it comes to wall designs. Clients can rest assured that whatever wall design we have on our virtual models will come out in real life. 

Prior to submitting a completed project for acceptance by the client, we make sure that every square inch of the walls in the house is compliant to our standards. We set high standards for our contractors to meet and they have reached or even exceeded our expectations in every single project.