Siding and Roofing

For many people especially women, their hair is their crowning glory. This is no different when it comes to homes. The roof of a home caps the overall design and actually brings the design to life. Not only does the roof of a house top the overall design, it also provides protection against natural elements and insulation during hot or cold months. 

When it comes to deciding on the type of materials to be used for your roof, there are quite a number of materials to choose from. Some may be quite expensive and these normally look great and will last for decades. Others can be cheap but would need to be repaired or replaced sooner than what you might think.

The commonly produced roofing materials are polycarbonate, tiles and the cheaper corrugated galvanized steel. Almost every country in the world has their own set of materials that they commonly use for roofing. In most cases, home owners select materials that are common locally and can easily be acquired. 

At PDG, we design homes with roofing that are made from materials that are common within the locality but would also go well with the overall design. However, we also allow our clients to select the type of materials that they want to use and would fit their budget.

It is important for us that the client knows exactly what the selected roofing material will look like on the finished project. Therefore, we include the exact type of material in the 3D virtual design so our clients have an idea of what the finished roof will appear.

In installing roofs, it is also important that the sidings match or provide enough contrast to the color of the roof. The color combination of the roof, sidings and the walls need to be perfect to bring out the appeal of the overall design.

The colors we choose for the roofs of our homes also affect heat circulation within the house. In areas that are normally cool, darker shades on the roof will be fine. However, in typically hot areas a lighter shade will help keep the house cool. 

In choosing siding colors, gray or brown will match most other roofing colors. Our designers have experience in what colors to use for sidings and will provide their recommendations. Clients can also choose what color combination they prefer.

They are given the opportunity to try different color combinations on the 3D virtual design to select the combination that will match their taste.

It is important for the client to approve the material and color of the roof and siding before actual construction commences. Some materials are already colored and additional costs may be incurred if clients change their minds during construction.

At PDG, we do everything we can to prepare a design that our clients agree too and are satisfied with so that actual construction can run smoothly with minimal delays if any. We try to avoid changes in the design during construction as this may not only mean additional costs, but a delay in the completion of the project.