PDG is a total solutions provider in the construction industry. We offer our professional services to individual clients who want to construct their dream homes or want them their homes renovated; businesses that want to construct their commercial establishment; developers and builders in the construction industry; and also realtors.

PDG has been in the industry for a couple of decades and has been able to form excellent working relationships with companies involved in the different areas of construction and development.

We have found ourselves in the right position to assist investors looking for the best investment opportunities. Our relationship with the different developers and builders has enabled us to find out the best projects even before they are constructed or made available in the market. 

Our relationship with the different realtors has placed us in an excellent position to help clients search for the best properties and locations for their dream homes. We also have working relationships with some of the top builders and contractors in the industry so our clients know that the people working on their projects are highly qualified. 

We have teams of highly skilled and artistic designers and architects that can assist in the design of a home or commercial space. We also have 3D visualization software so that our clients can take a virtual tour of the project even before construction has started.

Our 3D virtual tours have helped our clients immensely in making their decisions prior to starting the project. We have saved millions of dollars for our clients by minimizing changes during actual construction and construction delays.

PDG has also formed strong relationships with manufacturers and suppliers of home and office furnishing. This relationship has enabled us to assist clients in purchasing items that they need for their new homes or offices.

We at PDG believe that a construction project does not have to be difficult and complicated for a client. Our clients have been able to sit back and focus on the real important issues of a project, instead of having to deal with all sorts of issues with different suppliers, developers, builders, and realtors.

We take the hands of our client and help them every step of the way. We help in conceptualization, design, real estate issues, construction, and even furnishing. We want our clients to know that they do not have to look elsewhere to get a particular task done. Anything they need completed for a construction project, we provide the solution no matter how complex the task may be. 

We have helped countless clients achieve their dream homes, offices, and commercial spaces. And we have made sure that they are fully satisfied every step of the way. We even help our clients make budget decisions and ensure that they are receiving value for their money.

When we say “total solutions” we mean “total solutions”. Every single thing that our clients need, we can provide and we provide it with a service quality that has yet to be matched.