Real Estate and Development

At PDG, we ensure that our buyers receive exactly what they want, whether they are individuals looking for their dream homes, or developers and investors searching for properties that have the potential to make their investments grow. Our dedication to meeting the needs of our clients is deeply embedded into the hearts of our real estate agents and every member of our group.

The dedication of our real estate agents are so deeply embedded that the commissions they will earn from every project become only secondary. Their priorities are in providing for the needs of our clients and they exhaust every possible means to accomplish this.

Once they are able to identify the best properties, they work closely with our design teams to show the client the potential of the property once fully developed. In order to do this, they use the latest 3D design technologies to present a virtual representation of the completed project.

Our real estate agents are specialists when it comes to finding the best properties. We work closely with different builders and developers to know exactly what the best projects are that will soon be available in the market. This way, our clients know before hand what will be available and can be among the first to make an offer.

Advanced knowledge of the market is essential to obtain the best possible prices and any available discounts. In the real estate industry, timing is crucial. We know the needs of our clients to find the best properties even before they are available, so we made sure that we are in the position to meet these needs.

Our close working relationships with the prominent builders and developers in the industry has placed us in the position of being the first to know of the best projects that will soon be available in the market. We work with these companies to create 3D representations of the projects so we can show our customers the potential of each project.

Our customers not only have the knowledge of what will be available in the market, they will also know precisely what the project will look like by being able to take a virtual tour in and around the property. They not only see the property but the whole neighborhood as well so they can gauge the potential of the project themselves.

As a group, our mission is to provide our clients with the best investment opportunities that are currently available or will soon be available in the market. We work closely with different builders and developers, but we also strive to extend this close working relationship to our customers as well. Once the relationship encompasses all of the parties, including the customers, we strive to create a win-win situation for everybody.

Our approach in the industry has enabled our customers to fulfill their dreams. With PDG, our customers know that they are presented with the best possible options and that they are the first to have these options available.  Once they are interested in a particular project, but have special needs or requirements, we make sure that these are fulfilled as well.

Paradise Designers Group is dedicated to understanding our clients’ individual needs and providing them with exceptional real estate experiences. We put each unique client at the center of the process, delivering superior service with insight, innovation, and integrity. Realizing your dream for living, vacationing and/or investing is at the heart of everything we do.

In the changing world of real estate, the search for opportunity demands expertise and insight. Paradise Designer Group creates real value for property owners, occupiers and investors — in markets of all sizes and for assets of every type.

Our team delivers custom solutions by leveraging its expert knowledge of the local market and our firm's extensive resources. Whether your needs involve a single property or an entire portfolio, we'll assemble just the right team of real estate and financial professionals to deliver original ideas, winning strategies and solid execution.

Our Marketing group assists investors and developers to bring their unique interests from the concept stage through to the eventual closing of each individual property whether it is a residential or commercial.