Exterior Design

After performing an initial interview with the clients, our designers get to work with creating a 3 Dimensional virtual model of the exterior aspects of the project. There may be a saying that goes “don’t judge a book by its cover” but in our industry the cover is of equal importance to the content.

At PDG, we want our clients to be able to look at the property from the outside with awe. We want them to see exactly how their dreams are going to turn into a reality.

With our 3D virtualization software, our clients can take a glimpse of what is to come. They can visualize the future ahead and have the power to change that future and mold it into exactly what they want. Every single detail of the exterior is carefully planned and included in the virtual design.

Our designers work closely with professional landscape artists to create a design that will be as close as possible to the end result. Every type of tree, shrubbery, grass, and stone pathway has been carefully incorporated in the 3D design software so the client will know exactly how the exterior will look like.

Our clients will not only be able to view the end result, but also change it the way they see fit. They can change the location of any item on the exterior design, or even change the item with another. The goal is to make their dreams come true and the objective of the software is to get a visual representation of those dreams.

Our design team will be on hand to help the clients make their decisions or to provide some expert advice. They can provide advice on the color of the paint, the type of the stones, the different woods or metals, and practically everything on the design. The clients may then choose what they want and move items around as they wish, until the perfect design is achieved.

It is essential that we obtain the approval of our clients on the exterior design of the project before we can start construction. This is not only because we want to turn dreams into reality, but also because we want to be able to do this according to the financial capabilities of our clients.

There may be items that our clients want, but would make the budget a bit more than they can afford. In such cases, we can present other items that can be a close match to those items, but at more affordable prices. In some cases, the appearance of the items may be the same, but the quality may be different hence the change in the cost. Our clients can be assured that we will explore every possible avenue in order for them to realize their dreams in a manner that they can afford.

Our designers are some of the best in the industry and their experience has enabled them to present various options to our clients so that the end results will exactly match or come as close as possible to the dreams that are to become a reality.