Pool, Hot Tub, Sauna

A spa, sauna, hot tub or swimming pool in a home not only provides additional quality to the overall design, but provides the owners with a place to relax after a hard day’s work, during the weekends, or whenever they feel a need for a little relaxation. PDG has created excellent working relationships with some of the best suppliers and installers of these products so that we can provide whatever design our clients want.

Swimming pools

Whether they be indoors our outdoors, swimming pools provide the best type of relaxation and in most cases a place where home owners can get a good amount of exercise. The best thing about swimming pools is that most designs can be installed indoors or outdoors, depending upon the area. 

There are quite a variety of swimming pool designs available in the market today. There are deck pools, infinity pools, hydrotherapy pools and some pools even clean themselves. Whatever type of pool our client needs, we can supply and install professionally. 

PDG has experience creating designs for indoor use. Some have been a bit tricky to install as they were required in the basement or on roof tops. In most cases, the indoor swimming pool was installed together with a new house construction. However, there are cases where we have renovated and remodeled homes and were required to install an indoor swimming pool. 

Outdoor swimming pools are to some degree easier to install as open space makes it easier for installers to accomplish their tasks. In many cases, outdoor swimming pools are designed to match their surroundings.

It is common for PDG customers to have a spa, sauna or hot tub installed at different locations within their homes. This is why we also specialize in supplying and installing high quality spas and saunas.

In order to help our customers in deciding the best areas to place a spa or a sauna, we create a 3D virtual model of the home. Our clients are then invited to take a virtual tour and see if they will be satisfied with the location and design of the swimming pool, spa, or sauna. 

It is important that the client is fully satisfied because it can prove to be costly if there are any changes in the design or location after construction has commenced. Our 3D virtual model helps in avoiding this scenario so the project can be completed as scheduled and within the desired budget. 

In our 3D virtual model, we incorporate the exact design that a client wants, down to the color of the tiles or materials to be used. We want the client to be fully satisfied with the design before we start actual construction and installation.

Swimming pools are normally quite expensive and the prices range according to size and design, so are spas, saunas and hot tubs. We at PDG realize that these can be quite an investment, thus we do everything we can to ensure that the design and construction processes go as smoothly as possible.