New Home Construction

Constructing your dream house is a tedious process. Even before you start working on the actual construction itself, you need to go through so many processes like finding and buying the land, working on different construction permits, meeting with architects on the design, and then meeting with the building contractor to ensure that he is capable of constructing your home. 

With PDG, we make the whole process easier. You won’t have to meet with so many people. In fact, you’ll only need to meet with us so we can discuss all of your requirements, from the type and location of land you prefer, down to the actual design and construction of your home.

We know that with a limited budget, there is very little margin for errors. With other companies, if you find a fault in the design during the construction phase or you need to change something, it would mean a need for additional funds. Your costs can increase exponentially depending on the changes that need to be done.

We believe that there is a way to limit, if not totally eradicate the need for any changes during construction. This is why we present a 3D virtual model of the planned construction project to our clients. The client will then be able to see exactly how the project will turn out, make any changes if necessary, and we can implement the changes in the design as required.

The client will be able to inspect every square inch of the 3D virtual model. Every sector of the house, including furnishings, can be inspected and redesigned during this phase without incurring additional costs. 

Not only does PDG manage the actual construction project, we are also instrumental in the accomplishment of the processes that need to be done before construction can begin. We can find the right property according to the client’s preferences, or even suggest some property that we know will be a good investment. 

Once the property has been decided upon, we also help in processing the necessary documents like land permits and construction permits. We have specialists in processing these documents and they will ensure that the whole process moves smoothly. 

At PDG, we believe that our clients should be able to own their dream homes without undergoing too much stress in having to deal with so many documents, contractors, and suppliers. This is precisely the reason why we have strived to be able to provide the complete solution. 

PDG clients rely on us on everything that needs to be done. We will find the right property, process the documents required, create the design, manage the construction work, and even select the best suppliers for the furnishing. We provide a total solution so our clients only need to focus on exactly what they want their dream homes to be.