Interior design

One of the biggest advantages to our 3D visualization approach is that our clients can inspect every single detail of the project, room by room. We do not make it a point to assume that the client will agree to anything, so we make sure that the client can see and approve every single detail.

With our advanced 3D visualization software, our clients can simply walk around every room of the project and inspect all the items in that room to make sure that the items will fit their tastes.

The client can walk into the living room and inspect the sofa sets, chairs, side tables, windows, curtains, flooring, and every single item in that room. The client is also presented with a catalog of the designs. If the client wishes to make any changes, these are applied to the virtual model so the client can visualize the effect.

The client may also opt to change lighting placements and see how the changes will affect room lighting. They can take a wider view of the space and move furniture around. As all the furnishings have been created to scale, the client can see exactly how these will affect the space when transferred from one location to another.

The client can also walk through the bathroom and expect the tiles, the basins, the taps and even the hand railings and change the location, type or model of all the furnishings. Same as the living room, the client may also opt to move the lighting to any location that they please.

One of the most important, if not THE most important, room in the house is the kitchen. Our customers enjoy taking a tour around the kitchen and choosing the design of the cabinets to match their taste. Lighting effects are also crucial in giving life to the kitchen and clients may play around with placement of the lighting, even the intensity of the lights to see how they can produce the right lighting effect. Of course, our designers will be available to give their expert advice every step of the way. 
Every sector of the property needs to be closely inspected by the clients and approved - the bedrooms, dining rooms, storage rooms, laundry area and garage if the property has one. The main objective is for the client to be satisfied with the outcome of the project even before it has even started.

The secondary objective is for the clients to be able to set and control their budget. All of the furnishings have different prices and the client is able to select the ones that will suit their tastes and their budget.

The whole 3D visualization phase may take some time to complete from conceptualization to client approval. However, this phase is extremely important as it provide direction for the whole project. All of our departments will be working to achieve the exact results of the design that the client approves. Building contractors and furnishing suppliers will also be able to know before hand what is required so that enough time can be set to make all the items available.