How We Work


Everything begins with an effective, realistic, and easy-to-follow-through plan; and we do not leave anything not discussed, such as the kind of roof or the number of bathrooms. What is great about us is we do not leave you on the sidelines. We encourage you to be part of the planning process simply because we’re not just building any random property. We are creating your home or office—the one that you’ve dreamed of perhaps for a very long time. Nevertheless, things are much easier with us since we already have a team of experts who have worked with so many clients and could definitely understand your needs and preferences immediately. 

Getting Your Documents

While other companies would immediately go into full throttle, we don’t. We make sure we don’t forget a very crucial thing: getting ALL the permits. The last thing we want to happen is to catch the attention of your community or worse the state. That would surely put you and us in such deep trouble and acquire us some bad reputation. But we don’t want to hassle you with this, however. We have our own staff who can take care of all the processing for you. All you have to do is to help fill out the form so we can start the processing as soon as possible. 


Once we already have all the permits ready, we’ll begin with the framing. Simply put, you can already have a general idea of how the property will look like after it’s finished, and you can start heaving a sigh of relief. Finally, your dream is now coming to fruition. We are proud to say we have one of the most efficient teams who stick on schedule. After all, we know any delay is a problem not only for us but also for you. Plus, it’s costly. We also have a bagload of tips and tricks to make our job easier, faster, yet efficient and precise. 


When it comes to finishing, we provide you with two types: basic and art. Though there are many who prefer the latter, simply because they add texture, theme, and depth into their interiors, there are still others who love to do the last finishing touches all by themselves, and we respect that. Nevertheless, we are here to provide you with the best recommendation. We have a variety of artistic and basic styles you can choose from as well. Our main goal, after all, is to stay true to the plan and the idea you have in mind. 


When the frames and finishes are complete, we can then proceed to the final touch: decorating. Our company is also composed of crème de la crème interior and exterior designers, so every nook and cranny of your property speaks of your style and personality. Because we want every home or office to stand out, you can choose among the furniture from some of the most well-known European companies or have them custom made.