Home Remodeling Renovation

Home remodeling or renovation projects can at times be at bit complicated, depending upon the condition of the home to be remodeled and the area.  Old homes, especially those made of wood, need to be fully inspected to ensure that wood is still in good condition. Any remodeling or renovation efforts would be futile if the structure of house is not in good condition.

Renovating a home means to bring back the house to its former glory, from the basic structure to the exterior and interior designs. This task can sometimes even be more difficult than constructing a totally new house as care must be taken not to damage any portions that are original to the home and still in good condition while replacing portions that have been worn out.

At PDG, we realize that most of our clients that want their homes to be renovated have an attachment to the house, thus the work must go as smoothly as possible. This is why we do everything possible to make the work as perfect as we can.

We start off by interviewing the client and finding out exactly what the requirements are. Once we have a good grasp of what needs to be done, we create a 3D virtual model of the home to be renovated so we can show the client that actual work that is going to take place. We also inspect the home to find out structures that need to be replaced and any other works that need to be accomplished.

Once we’ve identified all the works, we incorporate this into our 3D virtual model and have the client inspect it. We can fully explain the actual works, what needs to be replaced or repaired, and any other electrical or mechanical works that need to be done.

When the client has agreed to the process according to the 3D virtual model, the price and the time frame, we can start with the actual renovation. We first ensure that all the necessary documents are processed so that we do not run into any legal issues that may delay the renovation project.

Our process of presenting 3D virtual models of the projects to our clients has enabled us to become more efficient when it comes to actual construction or renovation. The client knows what the outcome will be, how it is going to be accomplished, the materials that will be required, and most of all, the total cost of the project.

The 3D virtual models that we create act as our roadmap and all the departments in our group involved with the actual renovation or construction project relies on the models to give them guidance as to what needs to be accomplished.

PDG only works with builders or renovators that are highly skilled and can be considered experts in their fields. This is one of the reasons why we have a high success rate when it comes to customer satisfaction. We know what needs to be done, how to do it, and the best people to get the job done.