General Construction

The way that most people view construction projects, is that they look at the initial costs and make their decisions on how low the bids are. There is nothing wrong about going with the lowest bid, as long as the bid is reasonable and you can get assurance from the contractor that the project will be completed as scheduled and within the budget limitations set by their bid. Unfortunately, this rarely happens with lowest bids.

When submitting a bid, many contractors will try to bid as low as they can in order to win. However, in doing so, they sacrifice a lot of things like quality of materials, number and quality of manpower. When this happens and they win the bid, all sorts of problems will start to come out. The materials that they use are sub-quality and most of the time will not fit the original design. The people they employ are mostly inexperienced or have very little experience and this result in poor workmanship that need to be repaired or totally replaced.

In the construction industry, the lowest bid is not always the best. In fact, the lowest bid will often turn out to be the costly in the long run because of revisions and other problems.

At PDG we take on a totally different approach with our prospective clients. By means of the 3D visualization software that we use, our prospective clients know exactly what they are going to get. As such, they will also have a deeper understanding of the project cost.

PDG customers are not left hanging and hoping that the end results will be satisfactory or meet their requirements and expectations. They know exactly what the end results will be even before a single stone has been lifted from the construction site.

With PDG, clients do not have to worry about how low or how high the cost of the project will be. They know that our workers are highly qualified to complete quality projects. They know exactly what the outcome will be. They can also be a part of the project costing as they can decide on the materials to use according to their budgets.

Before we start a project, every aspect needs to be approved by the client so as to minimize any future delays or over budget scenarios. Our clients also understand that PDG takes on a project with full intent to work within the budget limitations. However, there are situations that may affect project costs that cannot be foreseen.

Should such a situation arise during the construction phase, PDG will make sure that the client is aware of the situation and that PDG will do everything to keep the projected costs intact and complete project within the required timeframe, if at all possible.

Our approach in handling construction projects has given satisfaction to all of our clients, simply because they know what to expect and are kept in the loop as to the project’s development. At PDG, we aim for total client satisfaction and we have proven ways to achieve this.