One of the final and yet considerably the most important processes in a home construction is furnishing. This can also be quite time consuming as we at PDG believe that our clients should be involved in furnishing their new homes. We do have excellent interior designer is our group that are more than capable of selecting the type of furnishing that will work best with a home design, but we realize that the importance of having clients select their furnishing according to their specific tastes.

The processes of selecting the right furnishing can be quite tiring. To make the process a bit easier, we have compiled hundreds of catalogs from hundreds of suppliers that we work with. We have also incorporated thousands of different designs in our 3D visualization software so that our clients will have a good idea of how a particular design will look like when it is installed. 

In order to provide our clients with top caliber services, we have shopping consultants and interior designers available that will be able to help our clients in making their decisions.

We also realize that even with the 3D visualization software and the virtual tours, there is still a good chance for a client to change his or her mind when the actual furnishing has been delivered and installed. Fortunately, our relationship with hundreds of well known suppliers has given us the ability to provide our clients with the option to trade-in a selected object for another one. 

Our relationship with these suppliers has also enabled us to offer discounts to our clients and in some cases, these discounts can be quite substantial.

PDG aims to provide a total solution, from conceptualization to construction all the way up to furnishing. Our objective is to be able to help our clients achieve their dream homes, thus we strive to help our clients in every way possible. We help them in not only selecting the type of furnishing that will look best in their new home, but also with budgeting.

A new home will require quite a number of new items and purchasing these items can be quite a difficult task since our clients have to work within their budgets. In cases where our clients want a particular object that would not work well within their budget, we searched for other similar items that can be purchased at a lesser price.

We, at PDG, take pride in having the ability to provide assistance to our clients every step of the way. We know the excitement of finally being able to achieve the home of their dreams, and we want the feeling to last as long as possible. With any other company, the client soon finds out how tiring it can be to build their dream home. By the time the project is completed, the client will be so tired that the excitement has pretty much withered away.

With PDG, our clients have the same level of excitement from start to finish because we are there to help them in every way we can.