PDG works with different suppliers and contractors that specialize in supplying or installing a wide variety of flooring. From hard floors like stones, granite, and marble, to different types of wood and even laminated fiber boards. When it comes to flooring, PDG can provide any design and material that the client may need.

Soon to be home owners who would like a bit more class and style in their homes can have natural stone flooring installed. Italian marble and granite provide a high class appearance as these can be quite costly depending on the quality. Natural stones not only provide a clean and classy look to the interior of a home, they also have a cooling effect.

Hardwood can also be used and some can even be quite expensive in both the material and installation charges. Hardwood is difficult to prepare and install, not to mention the degree of difficulty in polishing the wood to an extremely smooth and shiny degree.

Many modern homes and even condominium units today use laminated fiber boards as flooring. These boards are normally laminated with a wooden design and when installed professionally, they can last for quite some time. Higher quality laminated boards can last a lifetime and if well taken care of, only minor repairs will be required after several years of use.

Homeowners that would like to keep the costs down but still have flooring with a high quality effect can select flooring tiles. These tiles have a wide variety of designs and colors. Most tiles will have a marble effect, but they do come in the design of almost any natural stone.

Flooring is an integral part of the interior design of a home and they need to match well with the interior surroundings. This can be a bit tricky at times, especially when clients have different ideas on the colors of the walls and the furnishings that they want to include.

In order for the client to have a good idea of how the exact design will turn out, we have included the actual flooring designs in our 3D visualization software. Clients are able to choose the type of material they want and the colors and see how it will turn out with the wall designs and furnishings. They are able to change the flooring designs as often as they like, something that would be costly if construction has already started or the flooring has actually been installed.

With 3D visualization, the client can come up with the exact type of material and flooring design prior to construction of the project. The clients have peace of mind because they already know what the outcome will be. In many cases, the outcome turns out to be better than the design that they saw in the 3D virtual model.

At PDG we ensure that our clients are fully satisfied with the floors in their new homes. We not only take care of the design, but we ensure that installation is done with high quality.