Cooling and Heating

Homes are built not only to provide shelter, but also comfort to its inhabitants. A dream home will not turn out to be so comfortable it is not adequately ventilated, cooled, or heated. This is why PDG has specialists in heating ventilation and air conditioning. We not only aim to provide homes with great exterior and interior designs, we also want the homes that we build to be able to provide adequate comfort to its inhabitants. 

About 5% of the energy produced in the United States is used up by home air conditioning units. This translates to billions of dollars in electricity costs for home owners each year. This also translates into a good amount of green house gasses filling up our atmosphere.

As a group that is primarily involved in the construction of homes and commercial establishment, PDG realizes the effect of such air conditioning units on our environment. Thus we strive to design and build homes that do not have to consume so much energy to heat or cool. 

We ensure that the homes we design have adequate ventilation in each and every room. As much as possible, we create designs that take advantage of natural sunlight and wind to avoid excessive use of energy.

We do however realize that homes simply cannot be cooled or heated enough all through-out the year. There will be months when a home needs air conditioning units to keep it cool during the hot summer months, and heating units for warmth during cold winter months.

In our designs, we incorporate different type of air conditioning units. If a home is designed for central air conditioning, then we make sure that the vents are located in the best areas. If a home does not have central air conditioning then we need to install window type or floor type, or split-type air conditioner units wherever they are required.

We also advise our clients to install less energy consuming electrical appliances, like ceiling fans, so that air can be ventilated properly in a room and through out the whole house. With proper ventilation, the use of air conditioning units can be kept at a minimum. 

We ensure that homes have adequate insulation so that the heat is prevented from entering the house thus requiring continuous use of air conditioning units during the summer months. Proper insulation also keeps the house warm enough during the winter thus requiring less internal heating. 

There are plenty of ways that home owners can save on energy usage, but the best way is always to design the house in a way that it will effectively keep cooled or warm without having to use up too much energy.