Commercial Real Estate

We, at PDG, have found ourselves in the perfect position to provide quality services to developers and builders. We have realtors that are equipped with the best marketing techniques to help developers market their projects. Our realtors employ quite a number of marketing techniques, including internet marketing, print ad marketing, and market analysis.

In many cases, our realtors do not have to look far in order to find quality clients for developers and builders in the industry. We have created a reputation in the industry and a name that customers can trust to provide them with top quality services and products.

In order to help developers and builders market their products, we provide 3D visualization services for our customers and in doing so, have gained their trust. The 3D virtual models that we create of a project are completed and as detailed as possible. When our customers take the virtual tour, we want them to be able to see the completed project, right down to the furnishing.

We pay special attention to every single part of the property whether it is in the exterior or interior, so our customers know exactly what is going to be built. They take the virtual tour of every sector of the property. They can inspect every single room and every single detail of that particular area.

Our realtor’s approach to marketing projects have enabled us to quickly find quality customers who are looking for their dream homes, or investors in search of properties that will make their investments prosper. In fact, many investors have learned to rely on us to provide them information about the best investment opportunities even before these are available in the market.

Our services have enabled investors to be the first to offer bids on the best projects that will soon become available. As such, developers and builders have found it easier to market their products when they avail of our services.