We at Paradise Design Group aims to be your one-stop professional service provider and consultant in all your projects, from real estate construction, renovation, remodeling, landscaping, interior design, down to the smallest details, like choosing the perfect art piece for your living room. In fact, we can offer all these in one turnkey package designed to give you the best value for your investment. 

We let you have the control, but not the stress. In every project, we make sure your own distinctive style shines through and that your decisions push through, but make sure you are spared from all the headache. Our training has taught us to maximize available spaces and to use traffic patterns and furniture arrangements that, in the end, make daily living as functional, safe, comfortable, and convenient as possible.

We have connections. We can ensure smooth projects that are completed on time, thanks to our network of skilled tradespeople. We choose only the best certified candidates in the industry, candidates who are backed by certificates, insurance policies, licenses, impressive portfolios, and testimonials from satisfied clients. Our network includes professionals from real estate agents, construction, design, and engineering. We also know how to work with architects and contractors. In other words, we have all the pros you need.

We are innovative. We don’t just stick to what we know. We are open to learning new ways. In fact, we create new ways of promoting and selling your properties. And we make sure that they are always out of the box, so your potential clients will take notice.

We care. Our priority is to increase the value of your project. We are reputed for the quality of work we offer. We know that every project is a testimony of what we do. We know that satisfied buyers make promising referrals, and this means more opportunities for you and more chances for us to be of help.

We equip you. In the course of trying to close a sale, it can be taxing to explain all the details again and again. But once again, we hold the solution. If you ask for our assistance in promoting your property, we can educate your potential clients for you and help them understand the costs involved, backed by complete information, pictures, and other supporting materials. We can also give you our unique marketing instruments, which you can use to close your sales. 
We are driven by needs and quality. Our wide array of products can meet different needs and serve different purposes, match different budgets, and suit different styles. Our products come from Italy, Spain, and Germany, and all meet the highest standards of quality.

We are your one-stop source. With our knowledge, expertise, and guidance, we can help you avoid costly mistakes by supervising your projects all the way to completion. Since we can offer you everything you need in a single go, you can save countless hours otherwise spent on searching, shopping, negotiation, verification, coordination, creation, organization, and communications. And since these all cost money, getting our all-in-one package is your best option, so you can start saving and start earning money instead of losing time.

And most of all, we are capable. Capable of bringing your dream home to life. And we love what we do. So you can finally stop dreaming and just act now.

Contact us to begin your new hassle-free project now.