Once we present a virtual design of the project to our clients, we make sure that every aspect of that design is achievable. Our designers work closely with our architects to ensure everything that they place in that design can be created.

The architects in our group also work closely with structural engineers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, even plumbers that will closely inspect the design to make sure that everything can be created before the design is presented for approval.

Our architects have vast experience in their fields and they already have good working relationships with all the parties that will be involved in the actual construction of the project. Our clients may not want to be involved in making decision on the type of electrical wirings to purchase or the placement of ducting and plumbing fixtures, but they can rest assured that visual design presented to them has been approved by the architect who will handle the project.

Should our clients wish to implement any changes in the design, the architect will also be available to ensure that planned changes are possible and can be implemented with little or no increase in the budget. 

The clients will always be advised of the financial implications of any change in the design so that they can make a decision whether or not to proceed with the changes.

Without 3D visualization software, changes in design will prove to be costly especially when construction has already started. The advantage of the software that we implement is that the client can make changes before actual construction so that deviations from actual costs can be avoided.

Without the ability to pre-inspect a completed project, clients often have to make changes during or even after completion and this have always proven to be a waste of time and money. At PDG, we give this ability to our clients so that the project will flow as smooth as possible and come up with a result that will fully satisfy them.

In all of our projects, our architects have been instrumental not only in the actual construction, but in the design and presentation to our clients.

All of our clients know exactly how we work and they not only appreciate our approach, but are also amazed at the results that we provide. This is because, to us, planning is everything. With our designers, architects and engineers working closely as a team, we are able to handle a project in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

We know exactly what will make our customers satisfied and we relay that information to our construction contractors, landscape contractors, and furnishing suppliers so that also know exactly what to provide. Our architects work closely with our clients every step of the way so that they are aware of the development and progress of each phase in construction.

At PDG, we strive to be the best in order to provide the best results to our customers. Our years of experience in the industry are a statement of the quality of the products that we provide.