About Paradise Design Group 

Paradise Design Group is knowledgeable group of professionals from every area of real estate, design, engineering and construction. We specialize in both residential and light commercial projects. TURNKEY projects with us is a perfect combination of services from helping to buy your new home, laying the foundation, painting and window installations to art consultations, architectural, interior or acoustic design.

Our comprehensive offerings lead the clients through the whole construction process with minimum stress and maximum control over the project. By contacting us early you will eliminate any possible missteps that can happen during construction and decoration process while getting highest quality plans and designs with all necessary calculations. We understand that construction or remodeling is a big stress involving constant decision making. We protect our clients from unnecessary worries in this complicated process and give you the opportunity to focus on really important things.

Call us at (718) 610-9979 to start your mistake-free and hassle-free projects.