3d Visualisation

At PDG, we take a special approach to ensuring that we meet the needs of our clients. Our first step is to know what these needs are. We make sure that we sit down with our clients to discuss their needs, their wants, their dreams, their tastes, and anything and everything about them. Our goal is to be able to look through their eyes and transfer their visions into our interior design teams.

Once our designers have a good grasp of the requirements of the project, they then work to create a virtual model to present to the client. The virtual model is a representation of the exterior and interior design of the project complete with furnishings.

Upon completion of the 3 dimensional virtual models we sit down with the client and go into details. Our clients can inspect every single detail of the project from the exterior and interior design, down to the exact furnishings that will be used. 

Every aspect of the project needs to comply with the demands of the client before we touch even a single stone on the property.

Our clients will then take a virtual tour in and around the property and make changes according to their tastes. They can inspect the type of materials to be used, the exterior finishing, the colors, dimensions, and practically every single exterior detail of the project. Once they are fully satisfied with the exterior, they can then take a tour of the interior design.

Every room in the house, office, or commercial establishment can be inspected by the client. All the furnishings will be available virtually so the client can visualize what they will look like and how they will affect the area so they can do changes as required. 

All of our clients have loved our presentations simply because they can be directly involved with the design process. They can see for themselves our determination to provide exactly what they want. Our virtual tours empower them to mold every detail of the project to fit their specific tastes. 
Our virtual presentations will not be done until the client is fully satisfied with how every single detail of the project will turn out. Once the clients approve the designs, only then will we have accomplished the first phase of the project.

Making the dreams of clients come true is very important to us here at PDG. It is the reason why we are in this business so we make sure that we are fully aware of exactly what the dream is. We make it a point to turn our client’s dreams into our dreams so each and every member of our group can work towards a common objective. 

The end results of our 3D visualization approach have been nothing less than amazing. It has enabled us to work on projects with great efficiency. Knowing the desires of our clients has helped us save time and work well within the budgets. This is why we go through the same process with all of our clients.